Professional growth is a critical component for any job, especially one that oversees the education of Michigan’s children and the responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Board members, charged with guiding and leading change in their local schools, need to be:

  • Aware of emerging educational issues and the latest laws and mandates
  • Familiar with the current best practices, innovations and use of data that lead to increased student achievement
  • Know how to navigate through many operational- and personnel-related matters. 

Based on a February 2014 EPIC-MRA statewide survey, nearly three-out-of-four respondents believe professional development instruction for school board members was either “Essential” or at least “Very Important”. Learn more about the survey.

As it is rare that a full-time job would cover all of these areas, MASB provides comprehensive training, support, resources and inspiration to school boards and superintendents throughout the year to maximize their effectiveness in carrying out their respective leadership roles. Participation in MASB’s leadership services provides board members the tools and confidence needed to oversee the education of the students in their district. 

MASB also helps board members stay informed about current issues so they can more efficiently deal with legal matters, tight budgets and policy decisions. 

MASB’s extensive development opportunities include:

Certified Boardmember Award Classes
CBAs offers a way to enhance and learn new leadership skills, stay up-to-date on education issues and share experiences with fellow board members from around the state, in a classroom setting for adult learners, all while earning recognition for your efforts. 

There are more than 60 CBA classes covering basics like school finance and school law, as well as more advanced topics related to the use of data in decision making, board/superintendent relations, the Open Meetings Act and more.

Customized Workshops and Training
OnSight:  MASB provides customized workshops at a location convenient to you that focuses on your board's specific challenges and situations. Through a complete analysis of your needs, skilled facilitators identify problem areas and design solutions unique to your board.

Data-Driven Strategic Planning: As leaders of your district, it’s important for the board of education—in concert with other district leaders—to look into the future and anticipate opportunities and roadblocks for preparing students for success. Customized strategic planning and goal-setting provides a framework for getting input from stakeholders, creates opportunities to develop or revise the mission and vision of the district, develops a process for establishing short- and long-term goals, creates a plan for implementation, evaluation and improvement, among others.

Annual Leadership Conference 
Every fall, MASB puts together a great line-up of speakers, workshops and events to help you strengthen your leadership skills and go back to your district ready to help students succeed. We encourage you to join us and set an example for the students and staff in your district by making a commitment to continuous self-improvement and life-long learning.

MASB also offers a variety of conferences geared toward certain membership niches: 

  • Legislative Conference 
  • Michigan Council of School Attorneys Conferences 
  • Small & Rural Schools Conference 

Check the MASB Calendar for the most up-to-date listing of upcoming events.